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Learning To Ski – Download Tutorial Pack


Dear New Skier,

Are you anxious to start skiing but afraid it’s too difficult or you’ll feel silly in front of your friends? Everyone feels awkward when they’re learning a new skill, especially if they have no idea how to do it and are in front of other people. If you don’t want to do ALL your learning in front of a crowd, you need to know the basics of skiing BEFORE you go!

Skiing is popular, fun and a great way to spend the day enjoying nature or with a group of friends. If you’ve been holding back (and missing out), NOW’s the time to try! Have more fun this winter than ever before by learning to ski!

Download Your Personal Copy Of ‘Skiing For The First Time’ And Start Applying This Knowledge Today!
Audio MP3 AND PDF Included!

Man Plowing Snow with Skis ca. 2001 Colorado, USA

What You’ll Receive With The “SKIING FOR THE FIRST TIME” Download:
PDF and MP3 File Included

– Where Skiing Began
– Check out the interesting history behind skiing
– The Difference Between Downhill and Cross-Country Skiing
– Learn the difference between these two popular, and distinct, forms of skiing
– How to Put Skis On
– Follow these easy steps to get your skis on safely and easily
– What to Wear When You Go Skiing
– Don’t get caught in the cold, or overheating – follow this advice to ski in comfort
– How to Balance on Skis
– Learn the first step to skiing – balancing
– How to Walk or Glide on Skis
– Moving along flat ground can be a challenge – unless you know how to properly walk or glide
– Learn How to Fall Properly
– It’s true – learning to fall properly is an important step to preventing a serious injury
– How to Get Up From a Fall
– Instead of struggling for help, learn the right way to get upright after a fall
– The Basic Snowplow and How to Do it
– The snowplow is your first step to getting downhill safely – learn how right here.
– The ‘Tuck’ Position and How to Do it
– Want more of a challenge? Learn how the ‘tuck’ position can give you extra speed!
– How to Slow Yourself Down
– Avoid injury to yourself or others by learning the proper way to slow down
– How to Sidestep Up a Hill
– Small hills or obstacles may require you to travel UP hill on skis – here’s how to do it
– Common Mistakes First Time Skiers Make
– Watch out for these common mistakes and avoid them

What You’ll Also Get…

– How to Care for Your Skis
– Follow these tips for keeping your skis in good shape for safer and easier skiing
– Tips for Building Your Confidence as a Skier
– Find out how to build your confidence as you learn to take more risks with your skiing


Yes, YOU Can Learn To Ski!

You may think it’s impossible, but millions of skiers prove it’s not. As long as you’re in fairly good health, there’s no reason you can’t learn to ski, even if you’re ‘not-so young’ and not extremely athletic. 

Imagine the powdery snow, your cheeks rosy from exhilaration and the cold air, and the feeling of lightness and speed as you sail down the slopes. It’s a feeling worth experiencing and one not easily duplicated.  Give yourself the gift of experiencing the slopes first hand – and you’re sure to be hooked!

Are you ready to book your ski vacation? Can’t wait to join your friends? Want to surprise someone special? You CAN do it!


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